Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Angel

Update 1/6/12: To be closer to my family during a difficult time, I've accepted a wonderful radio opportunity in my hometown of Pittsburgh.    Good friend and overall hilarious dude Chuggs will do the night show in the interim.

 I can't wait to start my new gig, but I am sad to leave Kiss FM and Green Bay.  I lived Kiss and it ran through my blood.  The people here are amazing and work so hard to bring you entertainment and free stuff.  I had a blast at work and enjoying Wisconsin.

 I'd like to leave you with a letter from my mom's doctor who was VP of Research for the American Cancer Society. It's long but worth the read. I beam with pride every day.  Love your mom!  Goodbye, friends!

After 8 and a half years of metastatic Stage IV breast cancer, 165 chemo therapies, brain surgery, dozens of radiation treatments and cyber/gamma knife treatments, my beautiful mom left this earth.

She put up the most terrific fight I will ever witness.  She was given a year to live in 2003 and just wouldn't listen.  When doctors pulled her medical file, it was encyclopedia-thick and astounded health professionals.  When chemo complications caused a broken neck, she went on a trip to Europe in a neck brace.  When further complications put her on oxygen, she continued to do water aerobics by putting the tank in a floaty and doing her thing.

 If you see the beach picture below, she was on oxygen then and she'd sit in the hot Florida sun each day of our vacation til she couldn't take the humidity.  Every year for as long as I can remember we did Race for the Cure (5K walk) in Pittsburgh. Even through the past several years when I've had radio jobs across the country, I never missed one for her.  Two years ago she had to stop midway through and this year we did the 1 mile walk, but she did it every single year.

In my second summer here, my mom flew to Minneapolis to meet me at the Mall of America.

Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh

Family Friends Wedding in Vegas

Granny, Me, Mom--Captiva Island, FL

Cancun During the NFL Playoffs--The Day Steelers and Packers Won

Another Friend's Wedding

This is from our trip to LA in 2009.

So is this...

Losing a parent is one of the most horrifying experiences we go through in life.  If you or a friend are grieving a loss or even an experience, please make sure you do so in the way that's best for you. I highly recommend On Grief and Grieving.

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