Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NFL Kick Off Schedule

Get up--Drink beer.  Eggs are a good idea too so you have energy to last all day.

10 AM--Kick Off Village opens on Armed Forces Dr

Noon--Atrium opens for people with tickets. No stadium tours available. Tundra Tailgate opens in Lambeau field parking lot.

2:30--Lambeau Field parking lot opens for parking pass holders.

3:15--Concert area opens. It's free--you don't need a ticket. Entrance is at
Holmgren and Armed Forces Dr.

4:20--Concert starts.

5:30--Gates open to all seating areas.

6:40--Concert ends. If you're going to the game, make sure you leave for your seats at this time to make it for kick off. The Oneida Gate entrance will have more traffic than usual so keep that in mind.


Now til bed--Drink beer.

But whatever you do, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!

Here is the parking plan...

Plan in place for Lambeau area traffic:

NFL Kickoff event schedule:

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