Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My California Vacation

I leave for Los Angeles early tomorrow morning! I'm gonna pass out when I get back!

E-Mail from my friend planning the trip:

"We have a special plan for Rodeo already!! and just around the corner from Rodeo is SPRINKLES , the famous cupcake bakery, where the line is always outside the door and down the sidewalk. Pink berry is so yummy in a different way, but I really liked the flavors!!!

We also have a list of MUST SEE:

Venice Beach - hang out and watch the strangest of the strangest humans on planet earth.

Melrose Ave.- just stroll along the sidewalk and pop in some of the strangest shops on the planet.

Pacific Coast Highway up to Malibu. This stretch of US1 is right along the edge of the ocean-very scenic. Malibu is beautiful.

The Hollywood Sign

Burbank - the home of NBC, DISNEY, WARNER BROTHERS, NICKELODEON STUDIOS! Great restaurants!

Sunset Strip - handprints in the sidewalk (walk of fame), Kodak Theater, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE spot, Santa Monica Pier and the scenic sidewalk on the cliffs above Santa Monica Beach

The IVY restaurant and Kitson shopping- always paparazzi around trying to find Paris Hilton or Julia Roberts!

3rd street promenade - outdoor shopping district, cool to stroll around at night.

Downtown LA - a driving tour of the fashion district, The new Disney Concert Hall (awesome architecture) , Staples Center

Griffith Park - which the ZOO is a part of, with the observatory at the top of the hill, 1,625 feet above sea level. The best view of the Los Angeles valley!

UCLA campus- Annie's favorite restaurant in LA. BJ's. The hot chocolate chip cookie pie covered with ice cream after the meal is a must!

The BEST Gelato we ever had is in Laguna Beach. So Laguna is a must! We will take you into Wyland's gallery and if his Mom is there again, I'll ask her for a sunset from his back porch!!!!!

Lots more to do, but this is a good tasting of our week to come."

Annie is one of the friends I'm going with and she just graduated from cosmetology school in Southern Cali--she lived in the same building as The Hills girls a few seasons ago!

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